Research & Development Center

In Augast 2016, we opened renewed R&D Center as the place where we can test of the paint coating quality and paint booth performance both together.
In the test area, we can simulate the painting for various objects using the paint robot and other equipments under various conditions.
Also we can make a study of the specification of customer requirements with our latest technology and actual paint testing.
If you would like to visit or test, please feel free to contact the nearest office.

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R&D Center Address: 1-35-11, Miyagi, Adachi-ku, Tokyo, 120-0047 JAPAN

Introduction of facilities

New type Paint Booth
We have new type of paint booth with Micro Bubble method.It can achieve non-adhesive and odor removal of the paint sludge at low energy.
booth R&D facilities
Paint Robot
We can test such as the efficiency and thickness distribution of the paint coating using this robot and other equipments.The robot is the latest model which is for all painting uses.
robot R&D facilities
Standard Paint Booth and PBT (Parker Biotron System)
We have water scrubber booth.
We can test the sludge decomposing by microbes (PBT) with your paint.
aicon circle yajirushi R&D facilitiesSee the detailed explanation of standard booths.
aicon circle yajirushi R&D facilitiesSee the detailed explanation of PBT.
pbt R&D facilities
Batch Oven
We have batch type oven which can set the drying conditon of various paint coatings.
dry R&D facilities