president2018 MESSAGE

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Parker Engineering is a comprehensive engineering firm, which supplies design and construction of painting and surface treatment plants, established in 1951.

Our engineering know-how is a comprehensive technology established through the pursuit of an ideal combination of chemistry and machinery, and it has been delivered to various industries such as the automotive industry, the key industry in Japan. We are proud of supplying satisfactory solutions to our customers through our will of adamant for the best balance of resource saving, environmental conservation and production efficiency.

According to the tide of globalization, we have been proactively dealing our business overseas since the establishment of our first subsidiary company in the United States in 1987. In 2011, we formed the business and capital alliance with DÜRR, the world leading company in Germany in the industry of painting plants to strengthen the supports for the global strategy of our customers.

Further, we opened R&D Center in 2016 and have expanded it as the place where we can make a study of the specification of customer requirements and introduce the cutting edge technology to our customers. Additionally, in April 2017, we integrated the powder coating business of Nihon Parkerizing Group, which can enhance the attractiveness of our product line.

With the slogan of “Process for the Future”, all of us are committed to keep the challenge and aim for the further process innovation as a substantial engineering firm.

We will be grateful for your continued supports.

President and CEO
Yasuo Satomi