Establishment March 24, 1951
Capital stock 494,745,000 yen
  1. Manufacture, sale and processing of anti-rust agent for metal-surface treatment.
  2. Manufacture, sale and installation work of chemical machinery equipment for metal-surface treatment, coating, etc.
  3. Manufacture, sale and import business of various types of barrier filters for paint.
  4. Manufacture, and sale of scrubbers.
  5. Manufacture and sale of industrial ovens and general heat process equipment.
  6. Manufacture and sale of heat exchangers.
  7. Manufacture and sale of various types of antipollution devices for aerial pollution, waste water, ambient noise, etc.
  8. Manufacture, processing and sale of other industrial machinery.
  9. Sale of industrial chemicals.
  10. Undertaking of design and execution of construction work.
  11. Undertaking of paint work.
  12. Undertaking of design and execution of electric work.
  13. Manufacture and sale of automobile supplies.
  14. Lease of real estate, and building management.
  15. Lease business of movable estate.
  16. Design and execution of interior decorating.
  17. Sale of furniture and interior decoration.
  18. Other business related to the above items.
Available services
(1) Pretreatment (Surface treatment)
(9) Wastewater treatment systems
(2) E-coat equipment (10) Paint circulation systems
(3) Wet-type paint booths (11) Paint sludge recovery systems
(4) Dry-type paint booths (12) Powder coating systems
(5) Air-conditioning systems (13) Various types of filters for paint
(6) Ovens (14) Solvent and powdered paint
(7) Deodorization systems (15) Industrial chemicals
(8) Conveyors
Main financing banks * Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (Tokyo-chuo branch)
* Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (Yaesu-dori branch)
* Mizuho Corporate Bank (Nihonbashi-eigyobu)
* Chiba Bank (Tokyo-eigyobu)
Stock holders Nihon Parkerizing Co., Ltd. 4,800,000 stocks
Dürr Systems AG 535,000 stocks
Capital and Business alliance Dürr Systems AG
Number of employees 342 (Domestic:155, Overseas:187 as of July.1, 2019)
Business place <Head office>
16-8, 2 Chome, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0027 JAPAN
TEL: 03-3278-4599 FAX: 03-3281-4910


Chief Executive Officer Kazuichi Satomi
President Yasuo Satomi
Executive Director Shunji Miyajima
Executive Director Hiroshi Tokunaga
Director Masafumi Osawa
Operating Officer Shinichi Adachi
Operating Officer Naoya Hoshi
Operating Officer Yuko Takanashi
Operating Officer Kazuhiro Murakami
Operating Officer Eiji Yamamoto
Auditor Hiroyasu Tamura

(as of Jun.28,2019)