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Optimized proposal through capital and operational collaboration

Parker Engineering Co., Ltd. has a capital and operational relationship since 2011 with Dürr Systems GmbH, a German company of painting/application equipment.
Dürr was established in 1895 and is one of the world greatest companies in the painting equipment industry, with a large number of references mainly to car OEMs based in Europe, North America and China.
On the other hand, Parker Engineering has a wide range of references to Japanese customers in Japan and global for the surface treatment and painting facilities.

In cooperation with Dürr, Parker Engineering increasingly handles Dürr advanced systems focused on environmental technologies.
Consequently we aim for the delivery of technologies and services with better qualities and performances as a supplier of full-turn-key paint shop for our customers in Japan and global.
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Dürr Technology Center Tokyo

The third technology center for Dürr besides German headquarter and USA

Based on the capital and operational relationship with Parker Engineering, Dürr has opened the third technology center besides the German headquarter and U.S.A.

The technology center has all Dürr atomizers and two painting robots for the paint trial by the customer.
A demonstration booth equipped with EcoDryScrubber is also available for your visit.

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EcoDryScrubber for small booth
Dürr has developed a new EcoDryScrubber which can be installed for small paint booths, the working deck of which is near the factory floor level.
Now, EcoDryScrubber can be used in the general painting industries as well as the automotive industry.
A real booth for demonstration is available for your visit at the Dürr Technology Center Tokyo.

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Dürr Products

Towards higher efficiency and qualities

The combination of Dürr products with its high level performance and quality and Parker Engineering products having surface treatment know-how, contributes improved performances in your paint shop.

Pretreatment / E-coat Equipment
Ecopaint RoDip

A rotational conveyor system enhances efficiency and quality of PT/ED

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Paint booth

Revolutionized separation of paint overspray. Energy savings and lower environmental burden.

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Ecopaint Oven

Optimized heating/curing both high quality and efficiency

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EcoPureTAR PE × DürrThe fourth generation recuperative thermal exhaust air purification system High efficiency, energy savings and low surface temperature