As the Largest Surface Treatment Corporation Group

Since the initiation in 1928, Nihon Parkerizing Group have introduced rust preventive technologies to the industries since more than 80 years ago. With the stream of the sophistication of industries, we have deepened our expertise to meet the rising demands of customers from the key industries such as automotive, steel and electric appliances to cutting edge industries. Now we have become a global corporate group including over 70 companies inside/outside Japan.

Environmental Preservation through Process Innovation

In this giant surface treatment corporate group, we plays the central role in the engineering business.
Our missions are the enhancement of productivity of people and the achievement of environmental preservation through the introduction of our state-of-the-art technologies which can reduce CO2/VOC.

Contribution as Turn-Key Supplier

We, as a turn-key supplier, offer you planning, designing, installation, and after commissioning service of paint and surface treatment with our pride.
We can supply wide range equipment from a large automotive paint shop to middle/small size paint lines. Furthermore, we can also offer specialized surface treatment plants. We can also supply optimal chemicals for the process.


Supports with our Global Network

Through a number of plant installation over the world, we have built tight relationships with various types of customers with our attentive service response. We can support customer’s global strategy properly for the occasion with our state-of-the-art services based on our global network.
We also have the high reputation in flexible design and quick delivery projects with the individual request of customers, even in the design with customer’s budget.