Paint application and Robots

Paint applicators are one of the most important devices that directly affect the film qualities and paint consumption.

We can offer superior proposals in quality and costs, based on rich experiences in supplying painting equipment to various industries over many years. We can also offer latest air flow simulation services.

Proposals for wide range devices according to various painting conditions

We can offer wide range devices according to the various conditions as follows;

  • Type of paint (waterborne/solvent borne)
  • Type of atomizer (High speed rotating bell / Air spray gun)
  • Electrostatic / Non-electrostatic

By choosing suitable devices, customers will have the benefits of better product appearance, improved first run ratio, reduced paint consumption (better transfer efficiency) and so on.

We can also supply various painting robots for labor savings according to the size of work and production cycle time.

Optimized proposals in conjunction with the spray booth are available by utilizing the latest air flow simulation technologies.

robot Paint application and Robots