Production/Quality management

The production managing system is nowadays essential for the quality control, maintenance works, trouble shootings and production with high energy efficiency.
We can propose the improvement of quality and production efficiency through visualization based on the know-how accumulated over 20 years operation.

Management system with excellent functionality and cost efficiency

close small Production/Quality managementPPCS-100(For individual equipment)
close small Production/Quality managementPPCS-1000(For overall paint shop)

We have developed the management system for the paint shop (Parker Paint-shop Control System) for the production monitoring over the long years.
The monitoring system for the individual equipment, PPCS-100(graphic operation system) or the overall monitoring system PPCS-1000(Windows based) provides the functions such as monitoring of status, production management and historical trend collection resulting in energy savings, maintenance timing announcement, forecasting of abnormal and remote operation.
Our engineers are proficient in this system and can react for your requirements promptly.

ppcs3 Production/Quality management
Example of paint shop central control room

ppcs1 Production/Quality management
Screen shot of spray booth
flow chart
ppcs2 Production/Quality management
Screen shot of air supply unit
flow chart
ppcs4 Production/Quality management
Example of electrical indication
For improved visualization