Waste Water Treatment

Due to the recent demand for the reduced environmental burden, the significance of the wastewater treatment is remarkably increasing nowadays.
Parker Engineering can propose the optimized wastewater treatment system in cooperation with Nihon Parkerizing, the chemical supplier.

We supply the optimized equipment which suppress environmental burden

Condensation / sedimentation process

The most common method. By proposing the optimized equipment according to the content of waste water, we can reduce the environmental burden due to the effluent water and operating costs for the treatment simultaneously.

haisuishori1 Waste Water Treatment
Wastewater treatment capable of PALLUCID

We can supply a wastewater treatment for conversion coating chemical ‘PALLUCID’.
The system configuration including the fluorine absorbing process or ‘Toreruzo’ (Parker Engineering original product) minimizes the active sludge considering the effluent water.

haisuishori2 Waste Water Treatment