E-coat Equipment

This equipment deposits paint by immersing the work into the e-coat bath and applying the voltage between the work and anodes in the bath.

Our e-coat equipment has features of equal film thickness and high throwing power. Small amount of paint carry over and shortened baking process are also advantages of our system.

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PMT flow system

Efficient system to reduce foreign particles causing e-coat defects

【Features of the PMT counter flow system】 (PMT:Parker Magic Turn)
Complete counter flow for body passage

The counter flow against the car body travel in the e-coat tank (Patent: No. 336692) pushes the foam and floating dusts to the backside of the body quickly, which prevents the re-adhesion of the foam.

PMT02 E coat Equipment PMT03 E coat Equipment
Well configured tank for efficient dusts recovery

The sloped bottom helps dust particles to gather to the hopper and the baffle plate prevents the dusts from flinging up.

PMT E coat Equipment
【Outlook of PMT counter flow system】
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Membrane anodes

Smooth production through simple maintenance and management

We can provide various types of anodes according to customer’s request.

Tubular type

Most common type having following features:

  • Light and easy maintenance
    (No hoist required)
  • In case of membrane breakage, the production is still possible by stopping the anolyte circulation of the faulty anode only.
Semi-circular type

Fewer quantity of anodes.
The management of anolyte flow and leakage is easier.

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Film deposition for the required position just as thick as required

The PEDEC system stands for Parker Electro DEposition Control, with which individual switching of all anodes of the e-coat equipment.
This system enables partial film thickness control of the work by switching anodes according to the type and configuration of the work.

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Configuration of PEDEC

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