The conveyor system is so important as to determine the operation ratio of the paint shop.

Parker Engineering can offer overhead conveyor systems and floor conveyor systems according to the features of the process. We can even provide a RoDip system which drastically improve the quality of Pretreatment and E-coat.

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Various conveyor systems

Optimized system according to the configuration of the process

In the automotive body line, there are various conveyor systems such as continuous systems with Power and free, skid systems with roller beds /traversers / turntables and monorail systems for low capacity production. The monorail system is also used for heavy vehicles such as buses.
We can propose optimized conveyor systems for the process based on the long year experience.


Example of PT/ED line for large bus body

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Dürr Ecopaint RoDip

Rotating paint system enhancing the productivity of the PT/ED processdurr logo Conveyors

The rotation of the complete body optimizes the process of immersion, flooding and draining.
The reduced plant length by Ecopaint RoDip utilizes the limited building rooms effectively and enhances the flexibility of layout.

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Ecopaint RoDip M (Chain drive)
The main characteristic of the Ecopaint RoDip M variant is the chain drive, on both sides, which pulls the rotation carrier through the Process line. Special V-cams guide the rotation of the rotating carrier through the tank.
Ecopaint RoDip E (Electrical drive)
With Ecopaint RoDip E the car bodies are transported through the process by means of freely programmable, independently powered transport units. The unit has a conveying drive and a separate drive for rotation. The transport unit is positioned via a path measuring system. A WLAN signal is used to communicate with the controls.